Production site in VNPO Resurs, Vyazma, Smolensk region

Production site in VNPO Resurs, Vyazma, Smolensk region

About company

The production site of LLC vnpo Resurs, is located in 230 km from Moscow, on the Federal highway M1 "Belarus", (*the Federal highway M1" Belarus " (Minsk highway) — the highway of Federal value Moscow — the state border with Republic of Belarus, part of the European route E 30 and the Asian route AH6. The length of the highway is 440 kilometers. Passes through the Moscow and Smolensk regions.)

This advantage makes our facility more attractive for investment and production.

The production site of LLC vnpo " Resource "with an area of 39,776 hectares is located on the South-Eastern outskirts of Vyazma near the highway"Vyazma – Temkino". The site around the perimeter is fenced and guarded by chop forces, the entrance-exit of people and the entry-exit of transport are carried out only by passes.

VNPO Resource

The site is provided with all necessary communications, including a railway, a high-pressure gas pipeline of 0.6 MPa, a medium-pressure gas pipeline of 0.3 MPa, power transformers of 2x40 MW, two own gas boilers, a PBX, fire and security infrastructure.

There are more than 40 industrial, administrative, warehouse and auxiliary buildings on the site. Total area is more than 115 thousand sq. m. Of these, about 5.3 thousand square meters occupied by infrastructure, about 18.2 thousand sq. m. is leased, about 16 thousand square meters is already prepared for a lease and about 7 thousand sq. m., if necessary, can be quickly prepared for rental.

The area has a developed infrastructure: its own access well.d. the path branched internal well.d. tracks and shunting locomotives, the length of internal railway track amounts of 4.23 km, access to the station Vyazma-Bryansk about 2,72 km Electricity supply of 50 MW from its own substation 110/10 kV, gas supply natural gas pressure of 0.3 MPa, potable water from the city water, utility fecal and storm drainage, local heat supply of buildings from two automated gas modular boiler capacity of 1 and 3 MW.

Loading and unloading area, located near the well.d. the path, equipped in two gantry cranes with lifting capacity of 10 and 20 t, allowing to carry out loading and unloading of goods arriving by road or train.d. transport, storage and safekeeping of existing open areas with an area of more than 7.0 thousand sq. m. in rooms with an area of more than 7.6 thousand sq. m. If necessary, square open areas storage can be promptly increased to more than 28 thousand sq. m.
Services on a Parking of cars are provided.

On the territory of the enterprise there is a BSU for the production of concrete and solutions with delivery of its own mixer with a capacity of 9 cubic meters. Products are certified.
On the territory of the site there is a dining room.

VNPO Resource

LLC vnpo Resurs is interested in attraction of tenants for the maximum use of the available areas of rooms and the land plots, is ready to cooperate in the direction of creation of joint productions, including transshipment base for loading and unloading and responsible storage of goods and materials.

Vnpo "Resource" in the future can be considered as a large production and logistics complex (cluster) in the Smolensk region.


Phones reception:
+7 910 711-47-83

On lease and sale of equipment

Contact person:
+7 (48131) 5-90-04

215113, Russia, Smolensk region, Vyazma, street Bosnia 2, p. 61




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